October 19, 2020

MIT Solve Offers Funding Opportunity for Solutions that Foster New Pathways to Good Jobs

Photo Credit: Cindy Hill

“How can workers in the United States attain the knowledge and learn the skills needed to access sustainable jobs and livelihoods in the new economy?”

That’s a question currently being posed by MIT Solve, an MIT initiative that hosts open innovation competitions to identify promising approaches to addressing important global problems. MIT Solve, in conjunction with the Morgridge Family Foundation, New Profit, and other partner organizations, is seeking solutions to some aspect of the question above as part of a “Reimagining Pathways to Employment in the U.S. Challenge” currently underway.

According to the MIT Solve website, there is a prize pool of up to $625,000 for the winning solutions, and the deadline for submissions has been extended to November 20, 2020.

Read more about MIT Solve’s Reimagining Pathways to Employment in the U.S. Challenge, as well as frequently asked questions about the application process.


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