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The Good Companies, Good Jobs Initiative at MIT Sloan focuses on making work work for everyone in the 21st century.

The Good Companies, Good Jobs Initiative at MIT Sloan operates at the intersection of people and profit. We concentrate on the crucial role of business in the simultaneous production of economic and social value, and we seek to discover, demonstrate, and disseminate business practices that both measurably improve the quality of work and enhance long-term business value. 

The Good Companies, Good Jobs Initiative addresses a number of seemingly simple, but often confounding, questions:

    What is good work? What are good jobs?
    What is a good company?
    What factors encourage or hinder the creation of high-quality jobs?

Anchored within MIT Sloan's Institute for Work and Employment Research (IWER), the Good Companies, Good Jobs Initiative strives to be a catalyst for ideas, a testing ground for new management models, and a hub where learning and business practice meet. Through researchcourses, events, and communications, we strive to be a connecting force that brings together MIT's expertise and the perspectives of business leaders, workers, investors, philanthopists, and policy makers.


The Good Companies, Good Jobs Initiative at the MIT Sloan School of Management was established in late 2016, with seed funding from The Hitachi Foundation and with a goal of identifying, developing, and advancing management practices that are good for both business and society.

The Hitachi Foundation ceased operations in December 2016, but as part of a three-year planning process in advance of closing, the Foundation's board focused on the theme of good companies and good jobs to address a critical question of our time: In this rapidly changing workforce environment, how do we make work work for many people who feel stuck and left behind? The Hitachi Foundation made final gifts to three organizations to explore this question: the MIT Sloan School of Management, the Aspen Institute in Washington, D.C., and Investors' Circle in Durham, North Carolina.

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